Simple dress batik

Simple dress batik

simple dress modern

Dress Code : BTM05

Material : cotton

Process batik fabric : hand-written batik

Model : Dress including lining

Size : M ( Lingkar dada/Bust) : 102 cm, Total Panjang Baju/ Full-Length : 102 cm)

Description :

casual dress 2014

Simple dress batik made from beautiful batik Indonesia, as handmade batik fabric that would be unique, simple dress batik for your modern fashion style. Make it simple and beautiful for your fashion with traditional batik Indonesia,  simple dress batik made from  Madura batik fabric that called batik madura, check out ready to wear batik fashion from our clothing store. Make easy to order your unique fashion from our boutique online,  see our collection simple dress batik  from your pc or laptop and smart phone.

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