Dress batik fashion

Dress batik fashion

Dress Batik madura for your fashion

dress batik fashion trend 2014

Code : BTM07

Material : cotton

Process batik fabric : hand-written batik

Size : M ( lingkar dada/Bust) : 96 cm/37.79 Inch, Total Panjang Baju/ full-length : 88 cm/34.65 Inch, Panjang Lengan/Long sleeve : 35 cm/13.78 Inch)

Model : Women dress batik (lining included)


Description :

dress batik madura terbaru

Dress batik for your unique fashion style thatĀ  made from hand-written batik fabric from Madura craftsmen, beautiful color with lining inside it. Beautiful dress batik from Indonesian traditional fabric forĀ  your unique fashion and modern style. See our promotion page to get discount clothes from our clothes online store.

batik warna cerah

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