Blouse batik for modern women

Blouse batik for your modern style

blouse batik modern style

Code : BTM04

Material : cotton

Process batik fabric : hand-written batik

Size : M ( lingkar dada/Bust) : 96 cm, Total Panjang Baju/ full-length : 87 cm, Panjang Lengan/Long sleeve : 55 cm)

Model : blouses batik  (lining included)

Blouse Batik Description :

Blouse batik made from Madura batik fabric could be the best choice for your unique blouse. Beautiful color combination from hand-written traditional batik fabric, 3 shirt button on top for variation button and the behind of the 3 shirt button there are zipper, that all to  make the blouse batik be unique as women’s clothing. See below for more detail what are inside the blouse batik.

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With our simple design the blouse batik could be used for any activity and we hope you would be comfortable. Do you want unique fashion from handmade batik Indonesia? this blouse batik now could be ordered from our boutique online, because of this blouse batik limited so be the first that who have. Happy shopping … bring your unique blouse batik to home 🙂

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